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Jane Austen Societies

Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) — for the US and Canada

Jane Austen Society — for the United Kingdom

Bay Area Organizations

Greater Bay Area Costumer’s Guild: Period events and period attire, contacts, resources and fun.
Bay Area Country Dance Society: Country dance events including English Country Dancing.
Bay Area English Regency Society: Celebrating the music, dance and history of the era shared by Austen, Byron, Jefferson and Bonaparte. Country dances are always taught, and you’re never required to bring a partner.


Date Where Organization Event
Mar 4 Sacramento JASNA Sac Lecture: “A Great Talker”
Mar 25 San Mateo JASNA NorCal AustenFest
April 8 Fresno JASNA CenCal Music & JA “Of all subjects her delight”
May 7 San Jose Beethoven Center Concert
May 20 Kensington BAERS Kaleidoscope Ball
June 17 Fresno JASNA CenCal Sanditon
June 18 Winchester, England JA Society UK 200 Year Observance
June 18 San Francisco Silent Book Club JA Read-in at Sheraton Palace Garden Court — special event
June 24 East Bay JASNA NorCal Meeting TBA
July 1 Alameda PEERS Hamilton Ball
Sept 8-17 Bath, England JA Center 17th Annual Jane Austen Festival
Sept 16 San Mateo BAERS Persuasion Ball
Sept 23 SF/Peninsula JASNA NorCal Meeting TBA
Oct 5-8 Huntington Beach, CA JASNA Annual General Meeting
Dec 9 Fresno JASNA CenCal JA BD Tea
Dec 9 San Francisco JASNA NorCal JA BD Gala